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Recognoil® products allow you to visualize, measure, and document what is not visible to the naked eye.

Within seconds, contactless and without any need to prepare the surface of the part, visualize and quantify the presence of surface contaminants.

Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to really assess the suitability of the surface for other technological operations.

Find out if the object is really clean

The cleanliness of the surface, ie the presence of grease, corrosion products (oxides), dust particles and other contaminants, plays an important role not only in surface treatments, but also in the joining (welding and adhesive bonding) of material.

In the case of surface treatment, greasy surface contamination affects the adhesion and appearance of the coating. In soldering and welding, grease is undesirable mainly due to the quality of the joint and the occurrence of possible defects. In the case of gluing, again, a very clean surface condition is required to achieve sufficient adhesion of adhesive (glue).

Measurement with Recognoil® oil layer detector is a modern alternative to surface energy measurement equipment (pens or inks) and contact angle meters. The results correlate directly with the substrate cleanliness and it is possible to convert them to values of layer thickness, surface oil concentration or surface energy.

With Recognoil® cleanliness analyzers, the detection of greasy, oily and other surface contaminants can be completely non-contact. In addition to the main image output of the surface condition and primary unit of contamination (fluorescence intensity), the result of the measurement can also be the thickness of the oil film, the surface oil concentration or the value of the surface tension (surface wettability).

Contactless measurement of surface grease after degreasing and cleaning, allowing you to avoid undesired defects in coatings, reduction of paint or adhesive (glue) adhesion and eliminate the formation of pores in the weld joint. Very easily, you can also start the optimalization of cleaning processes, or verify the suitability of the degreaser and the overall degreasing technology.

We offer Recognoil® detectors not only as mobile hand-held devices for determining surface cleanliness, but also as products for installation in production lines or as laboratory and workshop units for operators. Degreasing control can thus be comprehensive and reliable throughout production.

Controlling the application of oil films is also possible and can have a major impact on the economy and environmental performance of processes where oil thickness during lubrication and preservation affects the life of tools and products. Measuring the oil film and its spreading on the surface (homogeneity) will help you in processes where it is important to apply the oil to the material correctly and evenly (pressing, drawing, preservation, etc.).

verify the cleanliness of parts for surface treatment
assess the surface condition suitability for gluing
control oil application when forming
perform oil preservation of the parts uniformly

We already help more than 70 companies in the world to increase efficiency and quality of production and durability of products.

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determines the suitability of the surface for your technology


Products for large-area surface scanning

Recognoil® 2W

Recognoil ®2W is a handheld wireless analyzer - oil and grease fluorescence detector for mobile use. Together with a tabletPC and Recognoil ® PRO software, it forms a very efficient and productive system for fast random and systematic testing for the presence of residual greasy contamination in large and small plants. The measurement does not require any special surface preparation and the interpretation of the results is easy even for less qualified workers thanks to the OK / NOK operator mode.

The instrument is applied directly onto the analyzed surface.


handheld, mobile device, suitable for large objects, weldments, assemblies


ideal for less complex (rather flat) surfaces


analyzed area 19 x 13 mm

More information

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Recognoil® QB

Recognoil ® QB is a desktop analyzer - oil and grease fluorescence detector suitable for laboratory use. It is designed for measuring a larger area in one sequence, easily handles intricately shaped parts, automatically searches for miniature objects and evaluates them separately. The evaluated area is 20 times larger than with the Recognoil® 2W device and the whole process of scanning parts is completely contactless. The device connects to your corporate network via an Ethernet connection, or completely separately to a computer in your lab.

The samples are placed through the front door on a table with adjustable height.


modular equipment, suitable for smaller objects in larger numbers


great for more complex, articulated and non-standard surface shapes


analyzed area 80 x 60 mm

More information

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Comparison of Recognoil ® 2W and QB outputs

The checked specimen:

Inspected metal component to determine the presence of greasy dirt, dust, oil and other surface contaminants

Recognoil® 2W surface area 13 x 19 mm

Main output from Recognoil 2W - oil and grease surface contamination detector

Recognoil® QB surface area 60 x 80 mm

Main output from Recognoil QB - contactless determination of surface cleanliness or oil film thickness

Recognoil ® products are primarily intended for checking the condition of the surface of metal objects.

Thanks to surface "large-area" scanning of the controlled area and visualization of fluorescence intensity values in the color spectrum of the fluorescence map, even the smallest contamination sources can be immediately located and thus verify the suitability of the surface for further operations.

The lower the measured value of the fluorescence intensity, the cleaner the surface.

Recognoil® PRO SW

All Recognoil® devices come with advanced PRO software, which not only is used to display scanned and evaluated areas, but also allows further data processing and includes a number of unique functions.

For example, Recognoil® PRO software allows automatic conversion of the fluorescence value to layer thicknesses [nm], resp. area concentration [mg.m-2] using a physical-mathematical model of oil made by laboratory sampling calibration.

We also offer customization of the supplied software according to customer requirements (data export to the database, automatic setting of limits for a given part, import of a measurement guide according to a QR code, operator modes, company protocols, etc.).

With Recognoil®, you can verify that your processes are actually working and that the surface of the parts meets the requirements for further processing. By introducing a control mechanism into production, you will prevent the occurrence of immediate and hidden defects of parts and increase the economy of production. Thanks to the visualization of the distribution and intensity of pollution, the assessment of the surface condition is simple and clear.

Functions included in Recognoil® SW PRO:

  • display image data and measurement results
  • selection of areas of measured areas
  • naming the measurement (sample)
  • sorting and searching files
  • export files (pdf, jpg, txt)
  • creation of protocols (photo documentation of parts, image and text notes)
  • setting metering parameters (exposure type, image quality, etc.)
  • conversion of fluorescence units to oil thickness or area concentration
  • creating statistics
  • limit settings
  • inserting object masks
  • view 3D results
  • calculation of above-limit pollution
  • calculation of frequency and size of point pollution
  • possibility of additional implementation of functions according to individual customer requirements*

*additional service

Recognoil® technology compared

  suited         impractical         not suited

Benefits of the Recognoil® products

  • evaluates a large area in one measurement
  • quickly reveals critical parts of the part
  • quick response to part condition change
  • operator mode OK - NOK
  • the measurement requires no preparation
  • finds even the smallest contaminants
  • advanced SW with a wide range of functions included in the accessories
  • quantitative and qualitative analysis
Pictogram of process optimization thanks to surface cleanliness control by Recognoil products

For technologists or quality professionals, Recognoil® becomes a tool that allows it to immediately start optimizing production processes

  • affordable professional solution
  • SW included in the price of the system
  • easy method, easy training
  • contributes to good customer relations
  • reduces scrap production
  • prevents complaints
  • contributes to the economy of production
  • allows to reduce the environmental burden of operations
Pictogram of cost savings due to control of cleaning, degreasing and application of oils and lubricants with Recognoil devices

For a manager or executive, purchasing Recognoil® means a quick return on investment

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Where and for what purposes are Recognoil® products used?

Can Recognoil ® be applied to your desired application?

We will be glad to help you find out.

Does your production suffer from local contamination of the surface with oil and grease? Not sure if your parts are clean enough before surface treatment? Are you considering checking the effectiveness of degreasing? Is the cleanliness of components essential for you? Are the existing methods for you ineffective and insufficiently accurate? Do you want to be sure that adjusting or even changing the way parts are cleaned is really necessary or correct? Not sure if your lubricant application system is working properly? Want to know how much oil is applied to the surface of a part and whether the layer is uniform?

As the range of applications for Recognoil ® products is relatively wide, we meet the diverse requirements of our customers. Often the individual applications vary very widely and it is necessary to consult the suitability of individual products.

In addition, we are often able to offer individual tailor-made solutions, eg for detecting the inner surfaces of pipes and other hard-to-reach areas.

We will be glad to consult your request thoroughly with you first and test the suitability of our products on your parts.

Illustrative image of a laboratory focused on quality control of parts and cleanliness of surfaces


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If possible, prepare your samples for shipment to our laboratory. We will perform a free suitability test of the required application.


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Is the detection of oils, grease and other substances on the surface of the parts essential to maintaining the high quality of your production?
Do you care about good customer relations? Are you looking for an efficient and affordable solution for effective part cleanliness control?
Instrumental measurement of the cleanliness of product surfaces and monitoring of the application of oils and lubricants has been our task for more than 10 years, so we will appreciate if you contact us.



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What type of contamination is present on the surface of the industrial parts?

In case of metal substrates - grease, oil, oxide layers, dust, chlorides, inks, chalks, adhesive (glue) residues, metal chips and other solid particles are most often present on the surface. Recognoil® can detect these and other contaminants on the metal surface.

How common is greasy surface?

A thin greasy film is very common on the surface of parts during their production. Its source are mainly fatty substances - oils, lubricants, preservatives, silicones, etc., which are, at a certain stage of production intentionally applied to the surface (lubrication, cooling, preservation, masking) and in another step relatively difficultly removed by degreasing. Importantly, grease contamination of the surface does not only affect metals, but also plastics and other materials.

Where does it make sense to measure the thickness of oil film on the surface?

The thin oil film most often has a lubricating and protective (protection against corrosion and wear) function on the surface of the object. A great example can be stamping, pressing or deep drawing, where the oil reduces friction and thus tool wear. Controlled uniform application of lubricant of the correct thickness has a positive effect on the overall course of the forming process and reduces the scrap rate of production.

We use dyne pens and test inks to determine grease, what makes Recognoil® different?

Unlike the methods based on the principle of surface wetting, ie the determination of surface energy, the detection of undesired substances by means of Recognoil® products is performed by induction of luminescence of contaminants, its capture and subsequent evaluation using the supplied software. Detection of contamination on the surface of parts is thus significantly faster, more objective compared to test inks and pens and allows monitoring of surface cleanliness even in fully automated operations.

Does grease affect the adhesion of the adhesive (glue) to the surface?

Cleaning the surface before applying the adhesive is just as important as before applying the paint or other surface treatment. The wettability of the surface (the ability of the substance to adhere to the surface) is fundamentally affected by grease. Quality control of surface preparation process with the Recognoil® device in gluing and painting processes enables not only the evaluation of residual surface lubrication (ideal surface wettability), but also the presence of dust particles and other contaminants.

For frequently asked questions, technical information, and practical examples of Recognoil® products, please visit this page.


Recognoil® products are designed and manufactured by TechTest s.r.o. in the Czech Republic. Founded in 2011, the company is an established company in the field of industrial detection of oil and grease substances using optoelectronic devices using the UV method. The devices developed by us are used worldwide across various fields and applications. The main products include Recognoil® 2W mobile devices, Recognoil® QB laboratory devices and specialized systems for automation of production processes.

The company's know-how is based on more than 20 years of experience in the field of surface treatment, surface preparation processes, engineering, and electronic device design. TechTest s.r.o. successfully connects industrial practice with the academic environment and solves projects in the field of R&D (Research and development of equipment for efficient search and securing of dactyloscopic traces, Advanced mechatronic pressing system with controlled lubrication).

For efficient and sustainable industrial production in the 21st century, we bring a unique solution within industry 4.0, thanks to which it is possible to effectively ensure not only cleanliness control systems, but above all increase productivity and economy of all production technologies where emphasis is placed on surface quality.

Specifically, it focuses on cleaning processes (C&C - Clean and Control) and lubrication processes (L&C - Lubrication and Control). All this with an emphasis on reducing the environmental burden and the economic perspective.

When developing our products, we follow the motto:

"Fast, reliable and objective surface inspection is the basis of quality and efficient production."

The man uses the Recognoil 2W to check the quality of degreasing of parts and their cleanliness in the production line before painting

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